Monday, 24 October 2011

Thai Food and Burning Nipples

Thai food and burning nipples is all I could think about in the last k of my run today.  It was only 6k long but it wasn’t without incident.  I had Thai food for dinner last night and it was delicious.  It wasn’t that delicious this morning when I could barely run because of a deep pain in my guts.  As I ran past the servo I ducked in to visit the little boy’s room to relieve the pain only to notice it was locked and could only be used by paying customers.  I kept running.  As I entered the last part of the run I noticed a burning sensation in my nipples and the realised that they had been chaffing on my shirt the whole time I was trying to get the cramps from my stomach to disappear.  I still kept running and completed the run.  It is my 6th run in two weeks keeping to my “I am going to run three times a week a see how I go” Grand plan.

I now have a clear goal of what I am doing each week which is a long run on a Sunday morning.  Adding 10% each week till I build up to 20ks and then plateau for a while till I start my marathon program in June.  It seems achievable the way I have broken it up and it is loose enough that if I get an injury or two should still be able to complete what I need to.

I have also got myself some new shoes.  I have had some calf pain when running in the last month or so so I thought it may be time to upgrade the shoes.  I can not recommend Fit Footwear in Port Melbourne any more.  They get you on the treadmill and film you running in barefeet then give you various shoes to try and video you again and work out which is best.  I ended up with the Brooks Adrenaline with the extra fast yellow laces.

I have started to tell people about my goal so I am now committed as I can’t go back on it now.  I have been doing some internet research on and have had plenty of encouragement from people who have done a similar thing to me or are planning too.  I have also had a few that told me I shouldn’t or couldn’t do it.  They have proved to be more of a motivator that the positive ones.  Strange how the mind works.

So basically at 3 runs a week and 50 weeks to go I only have 150 runs left till the big day.  I am putting up a countdown on the wall and marking off each run.  I hope this motivates me to keep going.

This week my wife has been a great support.  I need her to be as she will have the kids more while I am out running and laying on the couch recovering and when I am grumpy and tired.  She keeps telling me how easy it is going to be and how I will be able to do it and is keeping me positive so a big thank you to her.

On a side note I stopped in at a shop on Sunday on the way home from an overtime shift at work.  Just trying to earn a bit more money, you know the saying every dollar counts.  As a reward for giving up my day off I decided to buy some Body Glide anti-Chaff balm for my upcoming longer runs and as I was reversing from my car park I ran into another car.  So my day of earning a few extra dollars and buying myself a little reward has probably cost me a lot more money.  I left my details on a note on the windscreen and am yet to hear anything.  Lets hope they could hear the pain in my note and don't ring me.

Have a good week and happy running.

Vital Stats:
Weight: 87Kgs
Motivation: Possibly even higher than last week
KM's this week: 13
Injury/Pain of the week: Burning nipples

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A new beginning

"Anyone could run a marathon if they really wanted to even you"  I was told this by a friend who has run 4 of them and was in full flight for this years Melbourne Marathon before doing an ACL and needing a full knee reconstruction.  He has already declared that next years Melbourne Marathon will be his comeback race.  He has somehow talked me into joining him in running it.

Lets get something straight from the beginning.  I am not a runner.  I have started running a little in the last 6 months or so.  I can now run about 6k's at about 6-7 min k's.  I have a Cliff Young style shuffle.  I am overweight.  I drink way to much and I am very lazy with everything not just exercise.

I am not sure how I am going to do this marathon thing but I am going to give it a go.  I have a few plans to keep me motivated.  I am going to get lots of people to sponsor me and donate all the money to charity.  I really don't want to let a charity down.  I am also doing this blog in the hope that this will make me keep running.  I am also going to put some motivational pictures up on my wall and in my car.  (any suggestions on pictures would be much appreciated)

My biggest concern is that I will not have enough time to train.  I work shift work am married and have two kids a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl.  I am not sure I can find an extra 5-10 hours a week to train.  I guess I will give up TV and sleep time to do it.

My overriding desire to run it is because it is on my bucket list and I put way too many things off thinking there will be time later in life well you never know whats around the corner so I am going to do it today.

Tomorrow is my first training run.  8k's I hope I make it.

Happy Running from The Lazy Runner
Vital Stats:
Weight: 86kgs
Motivation: As high as it ever will be
KM's this week: 0
Injury/pain of the week: Nothing as yet

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